Xbox Games with Gold Memberships can be Shared by Everyone

If you want to enjoy your favorite video games with your friends via the internet, then Xbox games with Gold membership are your best option. There has been a lot of controversy since the release of the new One console, and some people have gone so far as to leave Microsoft behind for Sony's PlayStation offering which allows for unlimited online play.

Personal, Yet Social

The idea behind the new console is that while Microsoft wants people to be able to celebrate their own tastes, they also want things to be social and therefore sharable. The newest version makes use of digital titles that are downloaded via the web rather than purchased in a store, and this caused some issues for many who thought that each person in the household would have to buy his or her own copy. This isn't the case, though. Xbox games with Gold membership can be shared and accessed by anyone, even if the owner of the title isn't signed in. In fact, most of these titles don't require an internet connection to play, though the developers claim that this is how they should be experienced.

Why Go Gold?

Something else that is new with the Xbox games with Gold membership is that even the membership can be extended to others in the family or household. People who want to record their sessions with the built-in DVR or use certain apps such as Skype are required to have it, but one membership can be shared among everyone who uses the console - even if that console is removed from the home and taken to a friend's home. There are easy settings for doing this, too.

Though Microsoft scared plenty of people with the release of the Xbox One, the ability to share titles and benefits is something that everyone can appreciate.