The Xbox 360 has become one of the most coveted gaming consoles in the world today and continues to increase in popularity as some amazing games are added to its arsenal every season. While most games offer great game play and manage to harness all the power of the console, some manage to stand apart from the crowd with just a little bit extra. These must play Xbox 360 games should definitely be in your library. Before purchase however make sure to thoroughly read up on the Xbox 360 game reviews to help you make your decision. They are designed similar to reviews of the best online gambling casino sites that guides provide to their readers.

Casino Games and Xbox

Due to the immensely increased interest, the Xbox one console fulfills the wishes of their consumers. There are a few games that you can play, such as blackjack, slots, and poker. However, if you wish to feel the real casino thrill, the playbillonline.com site will offer you a lucrative time playing free the best real money casino games. Regardless of fun or real money, casino games are an incredible sensation and the ultimate entertainment you can have at home.

Gears of War 2

This first person shooter is one of the best ones in the market. Not only is the multiplayer feature great what makes it better is the Horde mode. You have the ability to pick up pre made stories of existing protagonists or create your own as you move forward with your own team. There's nothing better than moving forward as a team gunning down enemies and watching the backs of your teammates as you try to accomplish missions. For more first-person shooter games, as well as a huge library of arcade games visit the awesome people at Games Elite.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

The Assassin's Creed series started off with a bang but quickly managed to end up in a rut. This edition howver manages to bring back all that it was famous for and is a huge step forward from its predecessors. The cities are much easier to navigate, offer better stealth and have improved side quests. Assassin's Creed IV even offers the ability to partake in naval combat as you fight against Caribbean overlords.

Bioshock: Ultimate Rapture Edition

Everyone has heard about how great Bioshock is. This is mostly due to the innovations it brought not only in the narrative in game play but also the design.

In Bioshock 2, you get toe explore the remains of the collapsed utopian society of Rapture and see how the grandest of plans managed to crumble.

Mass Effect Trilogy

When it comes to fans, this game series may have the same effect as that of Star Wars and Star Trek. The BioWare trilogy is actually still discussed to this day not only including the games but also the spinoff novels. In Mass Effect you travel to all corners of the galaxy and resolve feuds, solve mysteries and recruit people to your campaign as part of the intergalactic police.