Glide down skyscrapers and maneuver tanks at Call of Duty

Similar to a fantastic movie sequel, Call of Duty: Ghosts greatly considered the formula of a smooth and fast gameplay that made the first version a hit. On the other hand, this newest version also offers a new and unique story, extraordinary player customization and major changes that give new color to the multiplayer experience. Admittedly, the game is luxurious and sometimes needlessly complicated, but it gives both present and future consoles fresh ambitious ideas and great value for replay. Even though it shares its name with what is considered to be one of the most well-known characters of Modern Warfare, the Ghost series is set in the near future and in an all-new Call of Duty environment. In this genre dominated with outdated Russian quarrels and vague threats from terrorists in the Middle East, Call of Duty: Ghosts brings with it a refreshing and unique game story where the threat comes from an organization of oil-rich nations in South America that emerged to take control of the south hemisphere. The introduction creates a disturbing scene of mainland United States, not really like Red Dawn but incomparable to Fall Out 3, too. It is a realm where modern shooters do not commonly venture into. Another factor that heightens the mood of the game is the availability of missions set in a plagued Santa Monica and the ruins of San Diego. Complete all these missions while musical scores from David Buckley play on the background. In the end, time spent on the mainland is cut short since the story reach as far as behind enemy territory in the Andes mountains, Caracas and many other exotic locations that might not be familiar to players. But the wide range of locations covered keeps the quest exciting, not only in visuals but also in gameplay. The game introduces players to more than fighting enemies at the ground. They will have to rappel from skyscrapers, engage in firefights, command tanks and fly helicopters among others.

However, as with past versions of Call of Duty, Ghost's story has a hard time to be the focus in the middle of all the cinematic scenes and unending firefight. On the bright side, Ghosts kept majority of the trademark feel and visuals of the Call of Duty multiple player experience while at the same time introduce numerous changes for a more customized and diverse game. The total game modes is now 13, with the addition of five new ones. The best thing is the game runs on the dedicated software of Activision.