Take control of alien ships at Halo 4

As with previous Halo versions, the future of the planet depends on the super soldier on board Forward Unto Dawn. But in Halo 4, he is burdened by an even bigger task. The easy part is saving mankind. At Halo 4, the biggest challenge is to save Cortana against herself. She is falling into rampancy, a situation that affects all constructs of UNSC AI after being functional for over 7 years. As they know more, they eventually think to death. That's the unforeseen twist in the title. Compared to previous installments, the story also brings more attention to the humanity of John. But make no mistake; Halo 4 is really focused on Cortana and the battle for her humanity.

Astoundingly, Halo 4 isn't just successful, it also set a new standard for all one-person shooter games. And how 343 Industries did all this will thrill, delight and surprise you. It begins with a compelling CG cutscene and flawless lighting. Aside from the unequivocal graphics, their sound design is top-of-the-class. Additionally, the movements are subtle and the animations are faultless. The characters are blemished physically, unlike other titles. The game hit a good stability between old-fashioned fan service and founding a framework for its latest player. Then it swiftly moves into the play itself, where the gunplay, the biggest strength of the game, becomes noticeable right away. Just like the previous series, each weapon has its own function and they are still harmoniously complementing each other. Halo 4 also has a dedicated section for vehicles. Stepping into one and maneuvering it is both a refreshing and empowering experience.

Long-time enthusiasts of the series will be happy to know they can now fly Pelicans and fight together with Spartans in Halo 4. Throughout the whole game, the campaign is regulated better compared to other first-person action titles. It has also been commended for its fast-thinking enemies that are totally brutal without being unreasonable.

After all these strong points, the title still has few disappointing features, the biggest one being the designation of all the majority of the narrative to the eight terminals that are hidden in the game. To make things worse, the videos cannot be viewed while on the game. You will be instead redirected to the Halo Waypoint site, taking you out of the game.

But after considering both strong and weak points of the title, it can be concluded that Halo 4 will make all Halo fans swooning again. It has been remodeled and redefined and has once again claimed its place as the king of Xbox.