Most popular Xbox Games site online with Free Membership!

Due to wide array of exciting Xbox games that were added to its arsenal every season many people are patronizing this game and it's getting more popular online. No other online games could give you a real interaction than this one. The experience and the thrill are incomparable and it is more accessible now than before as a matter of fact many sites are giving free membership.

Here are some of the most popular Xbox games:

1. Gears of War 2 - this is one of the most played Xbox game online today. Its Horde mode which allowed players to pick up pre made stories of existing protagonist or creates their own as they move forward with their own team challenge players to work hard to accomplish their mission. It gives a fantastic experience and lot of fun to the players.

2. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag -when this title was introduced it quickly conquer the market but it ended soon however it's back with vengeance. Everything that is good and famous was put back again, making it an edge over its predecessors. In this revised version many improvements takes place such as easy navigation of cities and giving the players the ability to partake in combat.

3. Bioshock: Ultimate Rapture Edition - The improvement that takes place in narrative games and in its design makes this new edition game more appealing to many gamers. Exploring the collapsed utopian society sounds daring and thrilling and this is what takes place in Bioshock 2.

4. Mass Effect Trilogy - this title can be compared to the famous Star Wars and Star trek movies when it comes to fans. It is the most talked series due to its spinoff novels. Being a galactic police you need to travel around the galaxy to solve the mysteries, feuds and recruit people to join the intergalactic police. Sounds interesting, no wonder why many were hooked in this game.